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    Satisfactory (G3D)

    I created a profile for the new Early Access factory-building game, Satisfactory. It can be found on the vorpX profile cloud.

    It’s based on the What Remains of Edith Finch profile, and supports Full VR with Geometry 3D. A lot of the game requires working with 2D UI layers for crafting, but the UI has all been 3D-enabled (though there are some minor glitches I haven’t been able to solve). I recommend using Edge Peek to make the UI easier to read and use, if necessary.

    The profile uses an image zoom of 0.8, so set the game’s FOV to around 98.

    If vorpX is having trouble attaching to the game EXE, which is “FactoryGame-Win64-Shipping.exe,” what worked for me was to add “FactoryGame.exe” to vorpX’s Excluded Programs list.

    I don’t have a stereoscopic screenshot of the game, but I have footage from one of my World Famous solo livestreams. I was playing in VR with a friend, Stereo3DProductions, who was also playing in VR, and was capturing in S3D. He should have a 3D video up in a few days.


    Wow, that looks so nice! I will add a comment of my experience with it when I get my hands on the HP Reverb G2. Hope the mod works with the current version of Satisfactory.


    @TheHamster i have tested it today with an Valve Index and it is working but not really good bc the screen in cuted and you cant change the resolution correct.


    Has anyone managed to get VR glasses to work with current update 5? I get again Cannot attach…. blabla

    2 existing cloud profiles tested. ALternate Hooking etc..


    I can’t start it with the new update 5. It doesn’t attach to the game.

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