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    Apologies if this is a very basic question, I tried searching but did not find the answer.

    If I load a game profile, then load the game, and the FOV is wrong, I’ve found that doing the direct memory scan will get it just right. However it’s annoying to do this every time.

    Is there some way to save the results of the scan so that the profile just starts that way each time?


    Whenever possible for a game vorpX already stores found memory scanner addresses in a cache. That is only possible though when the addresses are at the same position after each program launch (e.g. Source engine games). If addresses are at random places in memory, the cache can’t be used and the scanner has to be run each time.


    I see, thanks for explaining. I might suggest a future enhancement, to make this scan easier to access in the in-game menu. It’s not hard now but it is several selections/clicks away and it seems like this will be perhaps the most often-used button in the menu.

    Anyway, thanks for the explanation!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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