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    Finally got Iracing to load on the DK2

    How do i save the settings from Vorpx, i can access the menu fine, change settings. Hit ok and save , but each time i reload, i’m back to default settings ?

    Many thanks


    Do you have an example which I could check? There are two or three special settings that aren’t saved by design (completely disabling vorpX for example), apart from these settings should save fine when using the “OK & Save” button.


    Hi Ralf, thanks for the reply.

    Yes i’m changing stuff like, chromatic abboration, the shader AA setting, Fov etc.

    Maybe its Iracing related, Iracing launches via website into a launcher app before the running the main exe ?


    I have the same problem here. Not sure if it’s actually causing any problems exactly, but every time I run a game I’m at the default settings. Specifically, I’m trying to make gamepad emulation work, and that’s a setting that theoretically could be a problem if it’s not running by the time the game searches for control devices. Running VorpX as Administrator didn’t seem to change anything.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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