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    Scorpion Disfigured (G3D)

    VorpX provides a nice 3D on this horror shooter, but be aware, the game has huge bugs like getting stuck in walls, broken scripts ect.

    -get the G3D profile from the cloud.


    Scorpion Disfigured VR


    @RJK_ I realize this is a 5 year old post but Wonder if you can help me with something.

    In the game options it has “Enable Console”, …
    Is this a dev console or something else ?
    If it is a dev console, would you happen to know the key to open it ?

    I have tried all the conventional keys (tilde, etc).
    I have also checked in the *.cfg files, there are key binding in there but nothing related to console.


    Sorry that i cant help you there, i have no such informations for this game. ö or ~ opens the console instead of ^ sometimes or the other way around.


    That’s ok no worries, I pretty much tried every combination of key/s but still nothing popped up. Also tried adding a console key bind to the .cfg files but still no joy.

    I did however, discover a workaround to fix fov via a hex edit, which oddly stopped the shadows moving when I move my head left to right, but not up and down (that’s a first lol).

    Many thanks for the reply, sincerely appreciated.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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