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    Hello everyone,

    while playing AC Odyssey with my Pimax 8k plus in Immersive Mode, I noticed that the picture is always moving to the right, but quite minor so that it is only noticeable after a minute when I center Head Tracking.
    I don’t have Base Stations now, I only use the HMD, could this be the problem, that I don’t have a real Position Tracking?

    Best regards


    Yes, you are experiencing drift which is a common problem with headsets relying on only gyros for tracking. It happened in my Pimakx 8k and even worse in my Pimax 4k.

    The two “solutions” I found worked best for me:

    1. Always play in FullVR mode whenever possible. This locks the screen to your face so it will not drift. If FOV is too zoomed in you can zoom the screen out revealing the edges.

    2. Rebind the recenter key to something easier (I use Q) and form a habit of tapping it often. For me it became natural and I would do it without thinking much about it. Still not ideal of course.

    I suppose a third option to try for the cinema modes would be to turn headtracking sensitivity down to zero, which also is not ideal, but if you want better control of customizing the size and shape of the screen, it’s an option. In my Pimax8k I tend to prefer cinema mode at full zoom because it curves to wrap around the wider FOV better than FullVR mode which tends to bow upward and outward at the edges.


    Thanks for your answer and solution suggestions.
    I will definitely give it a try.
    And just for me to know, this whole drifting problem would be gone, if I had base stations?


    Yes, base stations would provide stable position.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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