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    How everybode can take a Sreenshot no Headset required.

    The quality is not like if you take the screenshot through SteamVR (VIVE Systembutton+Trigger for example) but at least everyone is able to take screenshots and share them (Please upload your screenshots to the Engine List and/or use them with your profile introduction in the forum, the users will appreciate it)

    Strictly follow the steps below

    – Put headset aside, use Monitor
    – Open VoprpX Config App
    – Select General
    – Click Device Selection, choose Generic VR Headset (desktop mode)
    – For high res Screenshots gain resolution setting
    – Start Game
    – Open VorpX Menu (DEL)
    – Select Main Settings Page – See Image 1 below
    – Change to FULL VR Mode
    – Select Display Settings
    – Lower Lens Distotion Coarse – See image 2 below
    – Close VorpX Menu
    – Press PRINT on Keyboard
    – Either press ALT+TAB to bring game in background or close game
    – Press WINDOWS+R Keys
    – Enter Mspaint.exe, press Enter (alternatively use own graphics program)
    – When Mspaint has opened press STRG+V
    – Press STRG+S to save image as .jpg
    – If the game on the inofficial list has no Screenshot yet or is not even listed, please make a submission ( Submit something , Top right on Page)
    – Please also use screenshots in the VorpX forum so everyone else can see your game is really “G3D”

    Click to Enlarge

    STEP 1

    STEP 2


    Tipp for VR Photographers with VorpX

    The below requires wearing your Headset the normal way !
    It will not work through the Screen-Method above because you are going to work with Positional Headtracking

    If you ever wanted to view your 3D scene from unusual angles like having a sneak look under the ladies skirt do the following:

    These VorpX Settings are not recommended for normal gameplay but are useful for exotic camera positions that make your Screenshot unique:

    – Turn ON Positional Headtracking
    – Set Positional Headtracking to 5
    – Switch to FULL VR Mode
    – Move Mouse and Head in different directions SLOWLY
    – Take your Screenshots

    Note: The method above does not guarantee all objects of a scene beeing rendered properly because you are sometimes partly “leaving” the scene, its rather meant for experimental purposes/photographers or outstanding Screenshots.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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