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    G3D works well. Set to play with 1920×1440 resolution (recommend to set this resolution to desktop before start the game). Main eye is set the to right, since my dominant eye is the right. To change it to left eye, press END -> more 3d settings -> main eye -> left. This is very important, since gunsight be fixed to one or other eye with G3D.

    – Fixed water glitch when onboard of Galleon´s deck

    Known glitches:
    – Water glitch at Galleon´s second floor hold.
    – Little water glitch reflex at left screen border when set main eye to right.
    – Some underwater 2d aren´t showing at left screen (waiting authorizing code to work on it).
    – G3D doesn´t works in some resolutions on full screen, especially those with 16:9 aspect ratio.


    Sorry, forgot your mail. You should have received a reply now. Let me know if not.


    Hello does your profile work with the game pass version of the game?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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