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    After the latest Oculus Core 2 update I encounter a pretty severe issue here and like to know whether that is something that happens for everyone. To check you have to 1. be signed into the Oculus public test channel, 2. have the new Oculus Home enabled.

    What happens here is that I can’t launch any DX9 fullscreen games anymore as soon as Oculus Home 2 is running. Running games windowed still works, fullscreen fails (black screen), games have to be closed via CTRL+ALT+DEL/task manager. It doesn’t matter whether vorpX is running, this is purely caused by the new Oculus software.

    All you need to do for testing is making sure the new Oculus Home is running and then start two or three DX9 games in fullscreen mode. Leave vorpX off to take it out of the equation. If you are affected, the issue occurs with or without vorpX.

    It would be great if a few of you could let me know what happens (or not) for you and whether you are using an nVidia or an AMD GPU. Thanks in advance for your feedback!

    BTW: A fix is already being worked on and working well, before I release it I’d just like to know whether this is a general issue with the latest Oculus 2.0 beta or some rare glitch that only affects a small minority. Strikes me as a bit odd that noone reported this so far.


    Hi Ralf,

    no problems here with fullscreen DX9 games while Oculus Home 2 is running. I also just tried with the samples from the old June 2010 DirectX SDK and they go in and out of fullscreen with no issues. If you want I can try specific options (I don’t know, 64-bit exe, backbuffer formats, whatever).

    I am on the Public Test Channel, Rift Core 2.0 beta enabled, Oculus App version (, GeForce GTX 1080 Ti, driver version 388.31. Perhaps it’s driver dependent? I heard of a lot of issues with Oculus and NVIDIA more recent drivers.


    Thanks for the offer! Won’t be necessary though, the cause of the issue is clear, the question is how many people besides me are affected by it.

    It’s related to the virtual monitor that the Oculus 2.0 software adds to the system for its desktop feature. Doing that apparently can mess up the Windows monitor configuration in a really odd way so that DirectX unsuccessfully tries to initialize fullscreen games on this virtual software monitor although the actual monitor is marked as primary.

    I found a way around that, but would rather not add it to the release build unless this issue occurs more frequently. Oculus messing with the monitor configuration without asking is bad enough.


    Hi Ralf

    Portal 2 (tested with and without vorpx)
    At game resolutions higher than native 1920×1080.
    I get a Windows error box-

    failed to create d3d device!

    It works at native 1920×1080.
    Windowed mode not available at higher resolutions.
    Any other workaround for vorpx other than back to old home?
    What happens when old oculus home is retired?


    ps. I appreciate all your hard work.


    Nothing to worry about, I have a working fix already. Just want to collect some feedback to decide whether it will be made mandatory or not.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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