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    Hey guys i got vorpx last night and seems like every game ive played looks like im in a theater mode type of deal. I’ve tried bf4, skyrim, ark(just crashes), csgo and sc2(doesnt hook)… Looking at supported games csgo is on there but theres no optimization and it makes me sad i dont fully get how to adjust everything as im still learning but just seems like every game is in a theater mode and when its not i just see a big box and nothing seems like a first person like a normal vr game is. Any ideas on what could possibly be wrong or what im doing wrong? also the games that have optimization say the its optimized but nothing changes in the headset. Im on the vive


    The most important thing you have to adjust is the field of view (FOV), which has to be higher than for playing on a monitor in full VR mode (120° for Vive).

    For some games the Optimizer does that, for others you have to do it in the game’s option menu, the vorpX ingame menu (Skyrim for example has an “Adjust FOV” button in the vorpX menu). If none of these is available an external tool like Flawless Widescreen or Widescreen Fixer might help.

    If you didn’t do so already, please read the Essential Hints guide in the vorpX help, which explains this and other noteworthy things. The help also contains a quick and dirty setup “1-2-3 Game Setup” that always works, but doesn’t provide the best possible result.

    If games open in Virtual Cinema Mode there usually is a reason for that. Third person games for example ar better played that way. First person games however open in Full VR mode per default. You can disable Virtual Cinema Mode in the vorpX ingame menu (press DEL), but for third person games it’s usually the better choice.

    Ark and SC2 are not supported games, they might or might not work.


    Not sure why i was thinking sc2 was supported thought i read it at somepoint but obviously not. Thanks for getting back to me ill try to use flawless widescreen to see if that helps. So far not a single optimizer has worked with any of the games i posted so far but i guess ill try the flawless widescreen and see if that does anything

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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