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    In the very end of the game, I have encountered a pretty bad bug.
    When I get to the top of the tower and setup the missile guide system, the dark ones attack me with a mind game ( i don´t know better words for it).
    Normally the screen zooms out and I have to walk on some platforms. But it zoomes so much out the screen turns kind of black, it looks weird, and i can´t see anything. I can´t complete the game coz im walking blind and dying of falling of the tower. It has even destroyed my savegame, so if i load my game on my normal screen it does the same weird bug.

    Please help!


    Never heard of that it before, but maybe it’s related to the changed FOV. The easiest way deal with issues that only affect a small section of a game is playing through the section in question on your monitor and then hop back into VR afterwards.

    If you’re lucky, it might also be enough to just turn off stereo 3D in the vorpX menu.

    If necessary you can revert any .ini changes done by vorpX in the config app.


    Thanks Ralf :)

    By deleting the ini file, I could play the last 5 min of the game on my monitor.
    I tried to turn off the 3D, but it didnt help. Im a bit sad that I can´t play the very last part of the game in vr, coz I thought of doing a vr let´s play of Metro 2033 Redux on my youtube channel.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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