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    So far I’ve tried Mirror’s Edge and Far Cry Blood Dragon and unfortunately neither work very well at all.

    For some reason about 1 minute after booting either game, Oculus pops up with an error along the lines of it having lost tracking. This isn’t happening with proper VR games in either Oculus or SteamVR, only with vorpX.

    Secondly, both games I’ve tried are inexplicably capped at 40fps. My gpu is a 1080 and cpu is a ryzen 1600x. I can play both these games in 4K no problem so I don’t understand why the fps is so low in vorpX, perhaps some menu option I’ve misunderstood?

    I’m a bit let down because I took these two games off the “good full VR games for beginners list” believing they were pretty much ready to go.

    Any advice welcomed!


    Playing games with vorpX is a lot more taxing than playing them on your monitor due to stereo rendering. Rendering everything twice (once for each eye) cuts the framerate in half and on top of that there is some additional overhead for sending the image to the headset.

    Try to set ‘Fluid Sync’ to ‘Off’ on the display page of the ingame menu, in some cases that may give you a better frame rate. Don’t despair though if games seemingly run with half your headset refresh rate. Depending on the circumstances either vorpX or the headset runtime insert one interpolated frame between two real frames, so in any case your game is displayed with 80fps in the headset, just not always with 80 ‘real’ fps.

    For more detailed information regarding performance please check the performance optimization guide in the vorpX help. It lists a few hints and tips in this regard.

    BTW: If you are using any third party framerate utility, please remove it. It might very well cause the issue. Use vorpX’s built in fps display instead (ALT+F).

    Not sure about your tracking issue, sorry. Probably a coincidence, that is internally handled by the headset runtime not something vorpX does.


    Hi Ralf,

    Thank you for replying.

    I of course understand that running normal games in VR will be more demanding. I still feel that the performance I was getting in both those games, which seemed to be capped at 40, was less than it ought to have been given my rig.

    I appreciate your fluid sync tips and will try them later and report back. I will also disabel nvidia’s FPS monitor as I always have that turned on.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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