Serious Sam 3 BFE with VORPX = Mind Blown!

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    So, I came across Serious Sam 3 BFE and decided what the hell, let’s try this one in VORPX. Much to my surprise It worked almost immediately. After poking around in the settings I found that the game offers a FOV slider that goes all the way to the magic 120!!! After a few tweaks to the game settings I loaded it up and proceeded to be blown away by just how good this one is. I would say that this game is as close to native VR support as it gets using VORPX. The head tracking is spot on, and the graphics look great. there is a small issue I haven’t nailed down yet with a weird effect when my character gets hit by something, but it is minor. I highly recommend this game to anyone who has VORPX and a DK2!! This has been the most fun in an FPS game I’ve had in a long time []-)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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