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    So hello dear community,

    i am new to Vorpx and VR.
    I bought a DK 2 and tried to set up skyrim now for almost the whole week..
    Maybe i am to dumb but maybe you can help me to reach my goal and help some people that are in my situation..
    I started Skyrim with Vorpx everything worked fine i got injected…but
    It is very unsharp… i adjusted it with the recommended resolutions and when I start Skyrim i get those resolutions i made in an starting message. I also tested some FOV settings 100, 110, 120, 130, etc.. but anyhow it seems to be the same over and over.. then i tried with the oculus debug tool, with the option Pixels per Display (between 1.0 and 2.0) and nothing changed either.. I heard about an Screen adjuster thing in the ingame settings of Vorpx but theres nothing like that to choose…

    In the starting message also is the Information ..”just stereo 3d will be missing”.
    I have no 3d effect. The only 3d option (next to the ambient screen option) stays always off, i can’t turn it on.
    The next issue is headtracking; that i can look around but the head stays at the same location – i cant look at things and around corners.

    So these are my Problems and again i’m sorry to ask this often asked questions, but i have searched so many forums and cant get it running..if you guys could be so kind to help..

    Thank you


    The key to image quality is the resolution that you run a game with, just like with normal monitor gaming.

    vorpX’s default suggestion of 1280×1024 is a compromise between quality and performance. 1920×1440 would roughly equal the per pixel densitiy of a native app, resolutions beyond that would be supersampled.

    You need to find the right balance between framerate and resolution for your specific PC. For comfortable VR your main concern should be a high enough frame rate (>45fps) when doing this.

    In the original Skyrim you can alternetively use the “Internal Resolution Upscale” option in the vorpX ingame menu, which can change the resolution internally.

    Do not use the Oculus Debug Tool hack! vorpX already supersamples internally, all you get with that are excessively large render textures, which will result in very little quality gain but will cause performance problems.

    Positional tracking (“i cant look at things and around corners”) only works with Geometry 3D, not with the faster Z-Buffer 3D.


    Hello and thank you for your reply,

    so my question is how can you enable the G3D in Skyrim?
    Could there be a Problem because i use the Skyrim Special Edition?
    Does Vorpx work atm just with normal Skyrim?


    Yes, vorpX works with the original Skyrim. I would even suggest that since it works a bit better.

    if a game has both 3D modes, you can switch between them on the main page of the vorpX ingame menu. The original Skyrim already defaults to G3D.

    Be aware that both 3D modes have pros and cons. While G3D looks more natural and allows positional tracking, Z3D usually is a lot faster. So in demanding games it can be the better choice if you care about a decent frame rate (>45fps), which is quite important unless you have (very) sturdy “vr legs”.


    So I downloaded the normal Skyrim now and it looks amazing!
    Is the Special Edition going to be looking like this? It is not as good as the normal skyrim atm.

    But thank you for your help!!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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