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    Can someone help me to setup oculus ? I have some issues because oculus is showing the FULL screen on the display. That means one picture on the 7″ screen and not 2 (like you see in the videos)

    I´ve bought oculus from a guy here in my city and i also bought the vorpx drivers.

    I connected oculus to my notebook HDMI and USB and also attached the power apater.

    then i started the Vorpxcontrol and i tried to run Arma 3. i can see the vorpx overlay , 3d stereoscopic and the resolution is 1280×800… But it does not start to show 2 pictures ( One for each eye ).

    Do i have to install some other drivers or copy in .dll files ??

    Please help me, thanks !



    Still no reply on this one?
    Seriously, comeone where THE F is the support ????????????


    well i believe support is one guy called Ralf he is normally pretty good on replying, i dont play arma 3, but on your monitor does it show 2 images or 1. how have you got your monitor setup?


    In arma 2 it works really nice. But it says in arma 3 not supported game… But on the webpage it says it´s supported. Maybe we have to wait for the new update. Does it work for anyone ?


    ArmA III *should* work. Normally it displays one screen right after startup and switches to the Rift dual view after a few seconds. Sounds like the latter isn’t happening for you. The ‘This game is not officially supported’ message is a small glitch in the game profile, you can ignore it.

    Does vorpX show any other message besides this one? In case it displays ‘Rendering API not supported’, your graphics card/driver might not support the full DX11 feature set that vorpX requires. Without knowing your system specs that’s just a guess of course.


    Hi ralf , i dont know why, but i tested a few other games and then i switched back to arma 3 , and now it´s working fine..

    I really dont know what caused this issue.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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