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    Hi, I just started with my DK2 for the first time and tryed Call of Duty and Skyrim but I always have 2 “pictures” when I look though the rift.
    Can someone tell my what I’m doing wrong? I tried the past x hours to get it work, but still those two seperate pictures/screens when I start one of these games.
    Please for some help – thx


    Did you go through the DK2 setup guide in the documentation? It has all necessary information about the basic DK2 and vorpX setup.

    Also please make sure to run all games at the native resolution of your DK2 (1920×1080). This is highly important.

    Last but not least, make sure to not use an Oculus Profile with the current vorpX version, there is a bug that causes an wrongly scaled image, which may lead to problems converging the stereo image.


    You do not have extended screens and your resolution is wrong.

    The solution for me was to plug my oculus into the HDMI port and my normal screen in the VGA port, this gives your oculus priority, then with my oculus connected and turned on i will be presented with the option to “duplicate desktop” or “extend desktop across these screens”

    as long as your oculus is the priority it will fire up any fullscreen executibles you run

    then you simply use the power on and off buttons to exit your normal monitor and enter your oculus monitor.

    This may not be the best solution but it works, and it solved my double screen/two screens sideways problem with the DK2, games that work out the box with just console command FOV 120 and adding





    more info here

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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