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    I used to be able to get 90fps and over 50% headroom solid in Robo Recall using the Oculus Debug Tool, but recently I saw I was only getting 45fps and negative headroom in Robo Recall and many others including when trying to use VorpX it would complain about my FPS being low…

    After much troubleshooting and trial and error I finally uninstalled RivaTuner Statistics (which is usually paired with MSI Afterburner) and for extra safety I also turned off the NVIDIA Geforce Experience Overlay/Recording. My FPS in Robo Recall and other games like War Robots demo all went back up to 90FPS with alot of headroom to spare (I use a GTX 1070) the way it should be.

    I googled the problem and found many people with 45fps and negative headroom but didn’t find the solution and I know they are probably using the RivaTuner utility for displaying onscreen FPS and other statistics. So I thought I would share this solution for others who might be experiencing unknown poor VR performance with Oculus Rift in my particular case.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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