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    Is anyone able to make a youtube tutorial for this? I would love to be able to start tinkering, but don’t really have any idea on where to start.


    the one thing who allowed me to understand how it works, it to select “hide” instead of “colored” selected shader.

    when you cycle through shaders when selecting “hide” it’s much easier to see what shader you have selected and what shader is offending.

    you wont break things experimenting with the tool, you always can reset things.

    i’m no pro at it, far from it but if i can do it, i’m pretty sure anyone can do it.


    @ kurry: there is no video unfortunately, but it’s fairly straight forward to use. You basically flip through currently used vertex or pixel shaders with the ‘All Shaders’ option. When you found one that you want disable or handle otherwise you can add it with the ‘Add To Active’ button and then define what excacly should be done with it.

    Some of the options will sound like gibberish without knowledge about 3D-programming, but typical stuff like defining HUD shaders or disabling offending effects doesn’t require any of that. Not complicated at all.

    Also, like steph12 said, you can’t break anything, everything is reversible. If you have further questions, ask away.


    Wow, that was a lot easier than I expected!
    Thanks for the help :)


    @Ralf Quick question here. I’ve been using the Authoring tool to get a proper profile for Tales of Arise up and running, but I’ve hit some weird blocks… One specifically that I don’t know it has an easy fix, or if its so complex and random it doesn’t have an easy solution. But I will ask just in case!

    There are some pixel shaders that are clearly only UI elements related. When I mark them as UI, the whole game will become flat and non-G3D. The UI will be fine an the only thing poping out in 3D from now on though.

    Am I doing something wrong? Or this is just how things are sometimes with the authoring tool used at such a low level of knowhow?


    That sounds odd indeed. There may be cases where shaders used for the HUD also affect other parts of the scene, but the whole scene becoming flat when defining some shaders as HUD is not something I recall to have experienced so far.

    There is an alternative HUD method that may be worth a try, doesnt’ really work for many games though: set the modifier to ‘Special Matrix’, the sub modifier to ‘HUD Transform’ and ‘Special Matrix Detect’ to 1. That treats 2D matrices as HUD, while 3D matrices are transformed normally – provided it works.


    Hey Ralf! Thanks for answering so fast!
    I’m probably going to sound dumb but… I don’t have a “Special Matrix” modifier, the only modifiers I have that have matrix in it are Matrix transpose and Matrix inverse.
    So I can’t try what you are suggesting…

    You are making me even doubt if I’m in the right place.
    This is where I’m looking for it:
    Screenshot of menu
    If I’m on the right menu… There simply isn’t a “Special Matrix” or any other modifier with a different name that contains the “HUD Transform” submodifier.

    Thanks again for your help!

    PS. Fixing this would pretty much allow me to create a close to perfect profile for Tales of Arise, a game that just came out! :D


    Uh yeah, just realized this modifier isn’t exposed to the authoring menu. Sorry for the confusion. I’ll put that on my to-do-list. No promises though, I’m swamped with stuff ATM.

    BTW: Also just realized that the game is an Unreal Engine 4 game. The option would be useless in that case anyway, BUT: Normally it should be no problem to find a shader that affects just the HUD and nothing else, at least I never came across any UE4 game so far where defining a HUD shader wasn’t possible.


    I see! No problem.

    It is an UE4 game indeed! The thing is, most UI elements can be defined as HUD without any issue whatsoever. Only two will have this behavior; the main chat box (pretty much the most important UI element since its an RPG…), and a small decorative arrow underneath it (which has its own shader).

    I scrolled past the 250 shaders one by one, and only 1 shader will affect the text, so I don’t see an alternative sadly…

    Also, interestingly enough, some other shaders if set to HUD, will also do it, randomly, during gameplay for a split second, maybe right before new UI opens (like talking to a character for example).

    PS. Thank you for your hard work! You are doing gods work here man!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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