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    Hi Forum I´m stoked to be here :)

    I´m a quite effective programmer and already did some shaders for other stuff.
    I want to make a perfect profile for subnautica below zero.

    I found the hud shaders I want to scale / modify but how do I now edit them?
    In the Vorpx ingame menu there is a button “open in notepad” (roughly) – but clicking it gives me a message I need to “enable dump shaders to disk” (roughly).

    I simply can´t find that option ANYWHERE.
    Please give me a hint :)


    – find vorpx.ini
    – set bDumpShaders=true
    – set sAuthorDataPath=your path (can be anything eg. C:\shaders)


    Thank you so much!
    This needs to be documented somewhere – glad it´s now in the forums :)


    Note that this is still very much a work in progress. Replacement shaders are only working for DX9 currently and there is a lot left do be done. Some basic docs are in the vorpX help, although most of that is probably subject to change later.

    You can fool around with it and even fix some DX9 shaders if you are willing to dive into shader assembly (or even have experience with that), but the whole feature set is far from being ready for prime time.

    I‘m not sure whether there still is a shader assembly reference for DX9 (shader model 3) on the web, but at least for shader model 4/5 you can find a full reference on


    Thank you very much for that further Information.

    I get that you are the dev of vorpx.
    Let me first thank and congratulate you.
    Your work is awesome!
    The whole hook and injection with menus etc. is simply put genius masterwork.

    There are some cloud below zero profiles that move / modify the hud – so it should be possible to do.
    Even some Subnautica 1 profiles work for below zero to modify the hud correctly.

    The only chance of moving/scaling/modifying the hud is manipulating the shaders right?
    Did I miss something? (maybe some magic menu options to do it?)

    Regarding the work in progress state for shader authoring:
    Please dont feel you need to be defensive because of me.
    Ill just try it for fun and interest. I´d never cry around because I think something deep and advanced as this should work out of the box and perfectly.


    If you “just” want to fix HUD/menu elements, then you don’t need the replacement shader stuff at all. Once that is finally done some day it will be used for more complex fixes.

    HUD/menu shaders can be defined in the shader authoring menu, pretty much just point and click work. vorpX does the actual implementation, all you need to do is flipping through shaders using the authoring GUI and define them as HUD (plus maybe set some extra flags to enhance the detection if necessary). The HUD can then be scaled and moved in 3d space in the regular vorpX menu.

    Should be relatively self explanatory. Basic instructions under ‘User Profiles’ in the help. If you have questions, shoot me a mail to support at vorpx com.


    Aaah I didnt understand that the shaders masked in the one menu can then be manipulated by the other menu (actually I looked there for completeness but probably had no shader marked as hud and/or overlooked them).

    Im starting to get the hang of everything – experimented around a lot with all settings available and produced a pretty enjoyable, immersive screen, geometry, satisfactory (experimental branch) profile :)

    I think with what tools at hand I have now I will let shader replacement rest until I really really need it.

    Thank you so much for everything!


    moved in 3d space

    Is it possible to actually move the HUD on the XY axes? I found the right shader in Ace Combat 7 (Unreal Engine 4), and I can rescale the HUD correctly, but it would help if I could also move it.


    XY axis wouldnt make much sense exept your HUD is unusually small. No- there is not such an option.


    Yes, it’s a specific problem with Ace Combat 7 where the HUD is misaligned, it’s true that I never had the need to move the HUD in any other game.

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