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    I’ve seen videos of people playing this on the Rift with VorpX, and there is a decent FOV fix for it

    But every time I try to run the game with VorpX, I get “Please start VorpX Control before using VorpX shortcuts.”

    This is immensely frustrating, because VorpX Control is already running and in fact other games are hooking into it just fine. After 2 hours of flailing at it (and yes, I’ve heard the litany about not running conflicting programs) I am completely out of ideas. Anyone?

    Sweet game, BTW, and I think the DK2 would make it a lot of fun.


    I performed a full reinstall of Windows 8 (for unrelated reasons) and this actually fixed the hooking problems I was having, in case anyone with similar issues wonders about that.
    VorpX actually works quite well with Shadow, combined with the FOV fix. The controls, however, are a bit of a bear. The default mouselook headtracking doesn’t play nice with a gamepad, and using “internal gamepad” causes other problems.
    Being able to snipe a group of orks with head-aiming is sweet, but not quite worth the other control issues, especially considering how prompt-heavy this game is. Still, this is much better than Assassin’s Creed with VorpX, and definitely on the Playable side. Thanks Ralf! ^_^


    About your vorpx not running problem: I had that too, in my case it was an issue with the admin settings. If you set vorpX for Admin and the prompt doesn’t come, you need to restart vorpX manually. If the shortcut links to an exe that has admin privileges, vorpX needs them too. I also think I recall that it’s also the other way around, but I might be wrong.
    Did you try to open the config after you got the message? I had an issue where the config would just crash after that message, only reinstalling vorpX fixed this for a few hook ups, than the same issue again. However this issue solved itself magically after some reinstalls Oo Uninstalling/reinstalling (without deleting license information) might have been the fix, instead of just running the setup again.


    Can someone possibly re-up the above Youtube vid or send me a link somewhere to download it please? Alternatively can you just let me have the instructions on how to set the game up with DK2 and VorpX please.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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