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    Can anyone tell me how to get SOTTR to use a custom nvidia resolution that I created, without having to actually go into my windows settings and change my resolution to that res each time I run the game? I can get it to work if I change my desktop res, but I’d like to keep my desktop res at 1920×1080, and run SOTTR at 3200×2400. If I don’t change my windows settings, the 3200×2400 does not show up in the list of resolutions in SOTTR.



    Did you set it to Exclusive Fullscreen?

    I tried just now, and default Fullscreen would not let me go above native 1920×1200, but enabling Exclusive did, 3200×2400 worked.


    How does SOTTR run at 3200×2400? What fps are you getting? ASW enabled/disabled? Are you playing full VR or immersive? I assume you have at least a 1080ti system.

    Reason I ask is I haven’t yet bought SOTTR. Interested in how it performs. Although, I just noticed there is a trial version which I have downloaded just now. Will try soon, once I have time away from other VR things.


    I did set it to exclusive fullscreen, but the res still doesn’t show up in the list. I’ll play with it a bit and see.

    On 3200×2400 it plays very very well. Its so clear on my Odyssey+, and it doesn’t seem to have taken a performance hit at all at that res.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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