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    Sharing what is turning out to be a very impressive experience running Shadow Warrior 2013 with VorpX.
    Took me a while to tweak the settings at first, but I’ve used a bit of everything in order to achieve a pretty good FOV/scale impression.
    I’ve used a 1.20 separation factor, a slight tad of forced 3D FOV, game’s FOV itself is set to 100, “r_shadows 0” command used in console.
    Wish this one had the option to ignore the mouse-y axis, but one thing at a time, this is pretty excellent!

    This runs well enough that I started a VR let’s play series on this game.
    3D Video (This link forces YouTube Flash player with max available quality and has 3D options in the settings):

    2D/Mac/Mobile Video:

    Note that I capture the mirror image (not the original) from which I subsequently filter out the warp and chromatic aberration in post for the videos. Gives for a sharper image, and removing the warp makes the 3D video much better.
    For image warp one can use Premiere, Vegas or VirtualDub; here’s the trick I use:

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