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    So the 3d of vorpx is absolutely fantastic. But the only thing ive noticed is that shadows and reflections look really weird on geometry 3d.

    For example looking at the reflection of the sun in a lake, on my right eye the reflection was angled like ‘\’ but on my left it was ‘/’, making the mixed image look very strange and immersion breaking.

    Is this normal/is there a way to fix it?


    Do you have this Problem in every Game? I don’t. But in Alien Isolation and rfactor2.


    This seems to be a common problem with 3D in some games that render shadows a certain way, as it also occurs with Nvidia 3D Vision. It is annoying and apparently avoidable.

    This guy knows how to fix the problem, since his fixes for 3D Vision preserve shadows but correct their placement, including for Alien Isolation

    Water reflections are I think still incorrect.

    In any case, maybe someone from Vorpx can collaborate with Helix to find solutions to these problems for Rift


    I totally agree! Helixmod + VorpX MUST be together! Alien Isolation is not playable because of shadows and lights being rendered wrong in geometry 3d mode (the only mode that shows correct 3d perspective in VorpX).

    Dear developer please hear us!!

    Thank you!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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