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    Despite not receiving my preordered dk2 yet, I’m keen on buying vorpx well in advance at this very reasonable low cost.
    If I did purchase vorpx right now, will the vorpx dk2 update be included within the current price?
    I completely understand the team are doing their best coding vorpx right now to make it compatible, I just don’t want to invest in it if a further product is released rendering my purchase obsolete.
    By the way, Full respect to the vorpx team, you’ve already done a sweet job upto now, here’s to the future!


    Hi rich,

    Thanks for the kind words. vorpX beta licenses are valid for all beta versions and upcoming 1.x releases. So yes, the DK2 update is included.


    Yeah, I think you should. I looked at the other software that can be used for an Oculus Rift and they aren’t updated yet. Also, Ralf keeps the community updated and has answered literally every single question I have seen on these forums. Other than the rude community here on the forums, I think its really nice to have a cool headed software developer who calmly answers question under constant pressure.


    Wow, I’m very honored to receive a direct response from you ralf, thank you so much for your valued response.
    I’ll go ahead and purchase vorpx, this is what I call customer support! Superb.


    Yes, definitely buy it. There might be some problems or bugs still, but considering that those games have no native OVR support, it’s really awesome.

    I just contacted support to receive a new key (after Windows installation changed again), and got answer within 6 minutes, at 2 AM on a sunday night.

    After spending 350 Euros for a development kit (actually i bought DK1 and DK2), paying those 30 additional bucks is a no-brainer for me.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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