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    We output the original game screen to a second monitor (vorpX ingame menu via Direct Mode Show Original and want to navigate the game menu (rFactor 2) on this screen but currently don’t get the mouse to be displayed which leaves us with guessing where the mouse is positioned in the the menu or navigating it with the DK2 on as the cursor is being shown there.

    Does vorpX natively support the cursor support or do we have to find third party software in order to display it?

    Best regards,



    Windows 10
    vorpX Build 16.12
    latest rFactor 2
    Logitech K400 (touchpad keyboard combo, wireless)


    I’m going to bump this post because I have exactly the same issue. I need to be able to navigate the menus on the computer monitor, but the cursor is only showing up in the headset. Any solution or workaround?


    That might not always be possible if games are using a “hardware cursor”. The vorpX cursor that is actiavted in the headset in such a case currently cannot be shown on the monitor.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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