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    Hello all,

    i am trying to run silent hunter 5 with vorpx but without success (on my vive)
    (i make some tries on others olds games like ship simulator extremes, and i can run it without problem).

    After a lot of tries, i had at the begin a lot of errors (problem of dll resolved with desactivating my antivirus). But now when i launch silent hunter 5 with vorpx on, nothing happens (sh5 is just running normaly but i can’t have it in my vive).

    if someone already try it or if someone has some tips to share.

    ps : i tried a lot of profiles (dirt3 or dirt2 for instance, and a lot of others), but without success.

    Thanks !


    ok found why. (my game was in administrator vorpx not). So i change my game to not run in administrator

    but now i have another problem. i can launch the game with vorpx, i got into menus
    but each time i start a mission after some seconds (time the mission is loaded), game exit (like a crash but without any error displayed).

    i change settings in my game (resolution, and other settings), tried about 30 launch of the game, but always the same problem (i can run silent hunter 5 without problem without vorpx).

    What can i do ? some tips ?


    ps : i have the problem by trying several settings in vorpx :

    * cinema mode
    * 3d activated (several modes tried)
    * nor cinema mode nor 3d activated

    and always the same problem occurs


    after other tried, i can’t get working it, but, but, … i can get it working for silent hunter 3 ! (with grey wolves mod) without any problem !

    I can get it working too for silent hunter 4 (with mods), but after sometimes i have a crash (i will reinstall sh4 to see if it is not a problem of mods i installed). before crash, i lost somes seconds view in the vive, come back, this happens several times, and crash after that (but not sure it is something linked with the fact that i lost during sometimes the view in the vive) . In SH4, the american subs are really bigs, and when first time, i get running silent hunter 4 on my vive, my first impression was : oh !! really impressive !! immersion for me is total !!


    There is still no Way to run Silenthunter 5 with Vorpx?
    Please update this!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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