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    I am not familiar with the details of VorpX async time warp but I have a question.
    In geo 3D is the async time warp independent for each eye? So does the display independently render one eye and reproject a warped image for the other eye if the frame is not ready? OR does it wait for both eyes to be ready for a new frame and reprojects a warped frame for both eyes if both new frames are not ready ?

    I had an idea that you could kind of cheat and only ever render one eye per frame. Like this..
    Only render right eye view. For left eye simply reproject last left eye frame (preferably with warping).
    Then in the next frame
    Only render left eye view. For right eye simply reproject last right eye frame (preferably with warping).
    This way you are only ever rendering one view at a time. Reprojecting the previous frame in the other eye may be fine for higher frame rates since the image won’t change that much in a fraction of a second.
    I see this idea has a serious disadvantage in that each eye only gets a new image every second frame. However, since you are only doing one eye-view at a time the total FPS would be way higher than trying to render 2 eye views for each frame. Maybe it may have a latency advantage. I suppose it is possible it may look weird and feel uncomfortable if each eye is alternatively being newly rendered or reprojected. But it does lead in well to SLI cards doing alternate eye rendering for every frame in future.
    I am not sure how NVIDIA does their async time warp but I am sure it is a lot more complicated (and better) than this idea. But I just thought I’d throw it out there. I just remember some early 3D tv’s and monitors that worked this way with glasses that had shutters that would alternate left and right eye views. Although they obviously could not have reprojection or warping so that just simply cut the framerate in half.


    That sounds like a neat thing to try out over a weekend. I’m not overly confident that it will work sufficiently well, but one never knows without trying.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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