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    Ok, I’ve been fiddling with that damn game all day long, and I’m just about to give up on the whole stuff. I’ve searched threads on this forum and elsewhere and nothing helped. I’m at my wits’ end.

    The game runs with Vorpx 0.9 in the Rift. I can’t set the resolution to 1920×1080. If I use Vorpx best settings thingy in the config utility, I get the “your device doesn’t support this resolution” (paraphrasing). A bit frustrating. So pixels and ugly, but still somewhat playable (visually)

    But really the worst thing is setting controls with a Xbox 360 pad. I’ve gone through the ingame menu and disabled the pad in order to use the Vorpx mapping, but that thing just doesn’t work for me. the Left stick goes all crazy, walking at the pace of a sick tortoise or just going the opposite direction of where I want to go. I have no external pad mapper installed, and I’ve tried the inversion options.

    In other words, I can’t play Skyrim with my pad without sacrificing head tracking by using the original mapping, and my keyboard is too far away on my desk (due to professional setup limitations) to play with it, so I basically can’t play Skyrim at all in VR.

    Some good help would be appreciated. Skyrim is one of the reasons I bought Vorpx in the first place, and is right now the only game that has the potential of working for me (and Saints Row III, but here again there’s something awfully wrong with the controller).

    Sorry if I sound angry, I’m getting increasingly frustrated at my noob ineptitude when it comes to Vorpx.


    There’s no easy way to go about. That being said its not hard it just takes some time and trial and error to get set up how you like it. Skyrim is fairly easy out of the box because there isn’t a ton of buttons to map.

    VorpX has a new gamepad set up but I haven’t messed with it yet. It could be good I just don’t know.. What you should do is get joy 2 key. It’s easy to use and is free…

    You just need to map mouse and keyboard to the game pad. Is it easy, yes, is it time consuming, yes, does it work? yes for over 200 hours just on Skyrim lol

    If your a gamepad guy like me you just have to face facts. PC isn’t as easy to just plug and play with controllers, but you do have a lot of options as far as customizing layouts.

    Its frustrating the first time you have to map controlls but its part of it so it is what it is, get used to it, then its easy.. Also try to map vorpx edge peek and cam recenter to buttons as well..


    Thanks, I’m going to give it a try later on. I’ve seen a few answers with Xpadder, but it’s not free for my system (Windows 8.1), so I’ll try with Joy2Key.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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