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    Ok Ralph…I tried now for 2 days to solve this without bothering you with no luck. Just got that new computer with I7-770k and a 1080 TI. All is good except… Frame rates still surprisingly low with Skyrim although I blame that on the mods I am using. Its well over 100 in the vanilla version but drops into the 20’s 30’s w stereo and vorpx. So ok, I can live with that…still surprisingly playable.

    The main Problem is in Skyrim. I now have a distinct aim offset only when using Vorpx. I have installed a plain vanilla version of Skyrim , tried it with and without the modded version and I get the same aim offset. By offset I mean that the aiming crosshair and the arrow, weapon or just plain walking is offset 20 degrees or so to the left of actual aim, weapon strike / walk direction.

    I go back to non Vorpx stereo or non stereo and its fine. It seems to be present with or without direct VR. I have cleaned out pref files, reinstalled both Skyrim and Vorps , used fresh start, clean files and its still there.

    Any ideas? I can play it but I have to crab walk slightly sideways and shoot to the right. Wierd!


    ok Mea Culpa is in order. After rereading Ralph’s troubleshooting instructions I tried as last resort to turn off Nvidia Stereo and the second monitor. Voila !!!

    It solved the aim alignment problem. I never had the problem with my previous computer with those on so I kind of ignored the advice. I haven’t tested to see of on or the other caused the problem. It also affected my Oculus as well as my Viv so it seems a pretty fundamental issue and it only seems to affect Skyrim wierdly.

    Anyway all’s well that ends well.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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