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    Looks like Skyrim VR was also announced as well. Unfortunately only for the PSVR. I wonder if they will do Vive and Oculus?


    It’s a timed exclusive on PSVR, so it’s gonna come to the Vive and will probably run on Oculus with at hack as well. But Bethesda is owned by Zenimax, which sued Oculus and hates their guts, so we can’t know if they will put in an effort to exclude Oculus.


    Hooli … Pied Piper … ID… Zenimax
    Ridiculous drama and litigation. It’s all real!!!!!!! :o

    Looks like the consumer looses out in the end. Sad ;(
    But when millions->billions of dollars are flying around it’s no surprise that the fighting gets intense.

    I wonder if Zenimax would bring the hammer down on Ralf and Vorpx for competing with their VR Fallout4 and Skyrim too? Maybe just fly under the radar….


    I expect to keep playing both games with VorpX even after the official ports are released. Mostly because of mods.

    What we know now:
    1. There is no mentioning of mods support in the PR Begtehsda is doing for the games whatsoever. This is very unusual for them.
    2. The VR ports are new games and not editions of the old games. Bethesda doesn’t allow porting assets between games so no mod can be ported from the flat game into the VR port.
    3. There is no mentioning of Creation Kit for those ports been released. And it is not possible to predict if/when community created modding tools will be developed.
    4. Additionally – there is no official info about SkyrimVR been exclusive -temporary or not, to PSVR. There are several articles about it that quote “a Sony rep”. Bethesda has never done game exclusivity and it will be very unfortunate if they start now. I hope SkyrimVR will launch on PC in November together with the PSVR version. If not – I’m still not sure how to react to that.

    So I’ll probably buy the official ports out of pure curiosity but I plan on continuing playing Oldrim and FO4 in VR with VorpX.


    Both are going to be just VR mods added to the base game system. They can say whatever they want but the fans know its just a VR mod. The Skyrim VR will make its way to at least the Vive I’m sure after they role it out for PSVR. Mods will be available for both games too. Its Bethesda, there will be mods for these 2 games in VR, have no doubt in that. The CK will get an update sooner or later. Mite be a few years but it’ll be there. They mite roll out creation club as ‘the only way to mod’ the VR versions but that will last about a day before the comunity eats them alive lol


    Mod support drives sales and they know it, all devs know it which is why devs add mod support if they can. I would add mod support to my own game if I could but that would require an intense rewrite of my entire game. There is no need to worry about whether the VR versions will allow for mods.

    I do however believe that will be a need for mod authors to update their existing mods because it is obvious that made some serious changes to the engine. The PS4 does not have the power to run Skyrim in VR without major changes. The way the Current Skyrim handles drawcalls, physics, reflections, water, screenspace image effects, and dynamic shadows is not ideal for VR. Too much CPU stress holding back the GPU from hitting stable high FPS.

    The fact that it is running smooth on the PSVR is proof they did some major rewrites.

    Mods will most likely need to be updated.

    Feeling good about the motion controls though as that may finally make Skyrim Combat as good as the rest of the game.


    People have an idealized image about the mod support in the Beth games, but that was not the point I was making. The point is that I will keep playing Oldrim in VR for at least several more years and the official VR port will be unable to change that for many reasons.


    I think half the mods out will work out of the box. Things like texture and mesh stuff will pop rite in more then likely. More complicated mods will need some tweeking but will be similar to updating mods to SE. They UI for both will be whats getting the most attention and changes id bet. I am super excited to try what they come up with.

    That being said Skyrm and vorpX has so much more content then the base VR versions will have. Things like Skyblivion and Skywind will be amazing and only playable in VR via vorpX and OGrim so the choice is easy.

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