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    I have seen several threads here about problems when running Skyrim via MO.
    I’ve made some experiments today on a Vive and it seems it works perfectly fine.

    Using MO makes sense if you already use it and want to keep using it. Or if you want to keep playing Skyrim not only with vorpX but also on a normal screen.
    The profiles of MO are not only about the mods. They have their own ini and save files. This means that you can switch from flat to VR with a single change of an option in a drop down list. The VR and flat profiles will have the correct resolution, FOV and other tweaks as well as the appropriate mods. Switching between flat and VR takes a second. No need to constantly rename files and directories as you would do with NMM or if not using a manager.

    In my setup I use ENB Boost Injector that I also start via MO. I didn’t see any performance problems. It seems to me the new vorpX version allows more mods to be installed ( :-) ) which makes ENB Boost essential to prevent crashes.

    One important thing that people can be missing when setting up the VR profile are the ini files. They contain not only the resolution and the FOV values, but also the tweaks vorpX makes for the shadows in the game.
    The best way to deal with this is : Run the vorpX config, open the default ini files (in Documents/My Games/Skyrim) that are now optimized and copy/paste their content into the ini edit window of MO. It is under Tools – the fifth icon on the MO’s toolbar.

    Hope this info helps somebody. This is only for Oldrim. I don’t play SSE (yet) for reasons and have no idea if MO2 will work correctly or not.


    Hi i tried almost anything to get the previous voprx version run on mod organizer,, no luck. I needed to switch to nexus modmanger though. NMM works flawlessley with old rim. Did u try the previous version of vorpx with MO?
    ( It was a drag to reinstall all mods into NMM ) I dont wan to run into problems again when switchin back to MO.)
    BTW MO is not supported anymore the developper now works for NMM and tries to convert MO features to new NMM.


    I switched to MO recently after NMM destroyed my setup for the 3rd time which again resulted in several hours of reinstalls.
    I have been playing a couple of hours now using ENB Boost and MO with about 100 mods and no problems. I have Vive, no idea if it works with Oculus.

    It should be easy to check if it works. Just add SKSE to MO and see if it is OK. It shouldn’t matter that the mods were installed with NMM.


    yeah i did already skse works but with MO no mods are active…..
    If i start MO and try to start skse through MO the game wont start.
    Hence starting NMM and then skse the game runs fine….


    Yep, I didn’t think about that. If you run it via MO there will be no active plugins but the mod files are there and it is possible some of them leads to crashing. If you have a clean vanilla game somewhere as a backup it is probably safer to test with it.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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