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    Hey there,

    after working on this problem for over three hours I finally gave up. How the hell can you map keys in Skyrim? I’ve got an XBOX One Wireless Controller, latest drivers installed and it is behaving strange in Skyrim.

    For instance: the attack is mapped to three buttons, jumping to two buttons. So I open the Vorpx menue and try to rebind the keys in the gamepad settings, but it is not working!

    I click on “A” for example and the assigned letter disappears, looks good, right? Vorpx is waiting for a key now, so I press something… anything. However, no matter what I press Vorpx is not taking the key I press and instead remains inactive, this includes keyboard and gamepad keys. Only clicking with the mouse binds that mouse click to the assigned field.

    I tried disabling the Xbox Gamepad in Skyrim itself, tried all the options with Vorpx. Nothing solves this problem. Most of the time the whole program just “crashes” (I can’t even close the ingame menue anymore) and I can only close it with the task manager.

    Please! Offer me some help because I really want to play this with my Gamepad.

    Thanks in advance.


    Hey Nivarius,
    I have the same problem Skyrim looks great these days with Vorpx it is just a shame you can’t remap the keys of an Xbox controller it should function just as it does in Skyrim running without Vorpx I leave it set to keyboard and mouse so the Xbox controller works there is a way to remap the keys but I would be very careful doing this and back up your save files, I some how changed a key or something to using thumb moving to open the map so I had to restore my save files lucky steam keeps a backup so I did not lose any saves but it’s better to keep a backup on a separate USB HDD.
    There is a feature in the Vorpx menu you get to by pressing Del key to allow you to remap your keys but I would be extremely careful using this feature, the main thing I’m missing is the shortcut bar, shame it doesn’t work the same as in Skyrim.


    After running the Direct VR scan, vorpX switches to Skyrim’s native X-Box controller support. If you enable the X-Box controller in the Skyrim options, you can use the controller like you normally would once the Direct VR scan completed successfully.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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