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    Hey there.

    Been looking through a few threads about Skyrim, but couldn’t really get an answer to this.

    I’ve used the Vorpx optimized settings for Skyrim, but when I go ingame it’s like the screen is stuck to my eyes and the entire ‘window’ moves along wherever I look.

    (I’m using HTC Vive)

    Now I looked at the options for headtracking in the vorpx ingame menu, where headtracking was set as off (while the game ‘screen’ was apparently stuck to my vive and following its movements). Turning it on brought the result that the skyrim ‘window’ wasn’t stuck to my view anymore, but rather on a stationary Screen to my left.

    What I’d actually want is for the head-tracking to move the in-game camera for Skyrim, so that if I look up or down or to the sides, my character / the camera looks in that direction. From what I’ve read in some topics this should naturally be possible, but I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong that it isn’t doing that with my game.

    By default when I look up and down, the game ‘window’ follows that movement but the camera view doesn’t change unless I move it with the mouse.


    Skyrim has an issue, apparently unsolvable, were you can’t use headtracking while playing with a controller. To fix that issue, you can either:

    -Play with keyboard and mouse, and headtracking
    -Remap your controller so that emulates keyboard and mouse, by using Vorpx internal tool or other external tools. I wasn’t totally successful with that.
    -Play without headtracking (positional tracking only)
    -Skip this one and hope for a proper native VR version on the next year, if Fallout will be a success. This is what i chose with this game.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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