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    First time vorpx/rift user here.
    I launched using the optimized settings a freshly vanilla installed Skyrim, thinking that I should first set up vorpx then add some mods.
    The issue is that I immediately got incredibly sick and in panic I pressed delete to try and change a few settings but I could only last 20 seconds before closing the game.
    I reseted the profile and tried my chance again but this time I only had enough time to change the fov in game to 110 and disable mouse acceleration before having to close Skyrim.

    I read how people managed to do full play-through of the game on DK2, so I don’t think it is normal that I can’t last 20 seconds.

    All the guides for Skyrim vorpx seem too out-dated for CV1.Are there some obligatory mods for CV1 skyrim that I must add before trying to enter again?
    The guides I read are old and sometimes don’t list the same gui mods / immersive view mods so I am confused as to what I should chose.
    Furthermore, shadows seemed to be a huge issue, so I should disable them inside some INI files first?
    I’m looking for ways to try to improve the situation before having to log into the game again to modify vorpx settings to the best.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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