Skyrim + ENBoost broken by vorpX 18.3.0 update, need rollback installer/files

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    First off, I’m aware that ENB/SweetFX/etc isn’t supported, which is why I’m only asking for an older version.

    After the latest automatic update, I can’t get the enb injector (not the wrapper, which uses conflicting dll files) to hook along with vorpX. This worked fine in every version until now.

    This was needed to play Skyrim with Vorpx and graphics mods, now this isn’t possible.

    I’ve ruled out everything else mentioned in the troubleshooting guide, ruled out any conflicting program, the only difference in this case is the new version.

    I was holding off on Skyrim VR until mods catch up and important things like SkyUI are working some day.

    I’ve also searched for similar threads & questions, they generally don’t get answers or replies, so I also sent a support email in case these get handled that way.


    I’d agree that a drop down list of legacy drivers in the config app could be handy for things like this. Might be a can of worms though.


    This has to be a conincidence, nothing has changed regarding the way vorpX hooks into the game. Whether an additional injection works or nort depends on who comes first, vorpX or the other injector. So you might get lucky by trying a few times. Earlier versions cannot be provided, sorry. As dellrifter suggests that would be a support nightmare of epic proportion.


    I would like a rollback function aswell because I have a similar problem as the OP. Played Skyrim + ENB in the evening with 18.2 and the next day vorpx updated itself to 18.3 and now I only get a black screen.

    I reseted vorpx to factory default.
    Reseted Skyrims INI files.
    Updated nvidia drivers.
    Updated ENB’s dlls.

    Not even ENBoost without the graphics enhancements is working. Vorpx does hook (I have sound, can load saves etc) but I can’t see anything and the biggest problem is that my Skyrim is so maxed out on mods that without ENBoost TESV.exe goes over the 2.8GB memory limit instantly and just crashes.

    And in terms of whether a rollback option is a support nightmare or not, one question: Will I lose Windows 7 support eventually because “we can’t support everything”?

    The Oculus software tells me everytime that Windows 10 provides the best performance and Steam charts show that more and more people are using Windoes 10 instead of 7/8…….


    I’ll check whether something has changed that caused this, but no promises.

    Windows 7: vorpX will support Windows 7 as long as the headset runtimes support it.

    At some point you should prepare for the jump to Windows 10 though, I’m pretty sure neither Oculus nor SteamVR will work forever on Windows 7. Not only is it almost 10 years old now, also the Oculus hardware survey currently shows <3% Windows 7 users. Windows 10 has quite a few advantages in regard to VR, which why the overwhelmingly large majority of VR system are on Windows 10 already.


    Thank you for looking into it.

    One question: I paid for VorpX once. So I have one licence. Is that a licence for one PC?
    Can I dual boot Win7 & Win10 with one licence but two keys (not simultaneously obviously) or will the first key automatically stop working as soon as I get a second key? Because I would like to test Windows 10 out but not trash my current system for it. Would just buy a cheap SSD to try it.


    Hi, just to confirm this also seems to effect non-ENB Skyrim.
    I have (had) a very stable install until the last update, I fired it up for the first time in ages today but couldn’t load anything – now it just crashes as soon as the save finishes loading or I launch a new game.
    If VorpX is disabled it loads and runs fine on the monitor.


    Skyrim is tested on a regular basis before each update due to its still surprisingly high popularity. There is no general issue with the game. As always with heavily moddable games please first check whether your issue also occurs without any mods installed. Only if that is the case assume that it might be a vorpX issue.

    Mods that should be disabled first are any graphics enhancing mods like ENB and CPU/GPU memory consuming mods like texture/model packs, expecially if you are using the original 32bit/DX9 version of the game (Oldrim). Since vorpX requires a fair amout of both CPU/GPU memory itself, using vorpX with a heavily modded 32bit Skyrim with huge texture replacements may just be too much for the limited memory that is available for 32bit processes.


    Well, that vanished when I edited so take 2….

    Hi again, I’ve had a chance to sit down and have more of a play with this.
    Yesterday a new GFX driver popped up so after installing it I tried again to see if that changes anything.
    Nope, still crashed as soon as I loaded into a game or started a new one.

    So I uninstalled skyrim from Steam and then tracked down and deleted all of the mod files still floating around plus the save/settings data folder in My Docs.

    I then re-installed Skyrim from Steam, with even the official high res pack disabled and cloud saves disabled to prevent anything being added that could cause an issue.

    I launched Skyrim again with completely stock Skyrim and am still running into this same problem.
    The game will load the menu screen and even the loading screens, but will then CTD within about 1/2 a second of loading a new game – but only with VorpX running.

    The only additional thing I have noted is that Skyrim is now giving a framerate warning and running at 30 FPS roughly.
    I’ve never had frame rate issues previously in VorpX even with the mods I had been running previously all active – and again the FPS is only limited by Vsync with Vorp turned off.

    This is running Win10 Pro (legit and upto date).
    Intel I7-4790K
    16Gb RAM,
    Nvidia 1070GTX GFX card
    Oculus Rift retail version.
    Win10 runs off an SSD, moving Skyrim around the installed HDDs makes no difference.
    I’m not running an ENB as I couldn’t get them to inject correctly in the first place, even back when Skyrim still ran.

    This PC is dual boot so assuming my activation Key will work again to install Vorp on the other partition, I can test this in Win 7 if required – although as the Rift doesn’t like 7 much I’ve never tried running VorpX on that install and am not sure there’s any purpose in doing this..

    If you could take a deeper look at this that would be appreciated, Going back to 2D skyrim isn’t really something I want to do!

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