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    I can get around all of these issues but wanted to feedback just in case they were not reported:

    Internal Resolution Scale (2x) is not compatible with Z-Normal 3D.
    Workaround: I created a custom resolution of 2560 * 2048, which I believe is an identical result.

    The Scan consistently doesn’t work when you are using the Gamepad (Xbox One) natively. I.e. VorpX set to not handle gamepad at all (IMO best combined with scan as the onscreen prompts are right and you still get headtracking). Xbox 360 controller checked in settings.
    If the game is launched with these settings then scan fails on rotation.
    Workaround: Uncheck 360 controller through game, run scan (succeeds), recheck box – everything works.

    I also get an odd thing whereby the audio device keeps changing back to my TV when I exit the game. No big issue – just need to remember to set it before each play.

    The other odd thing I get is that when launched through Steam the FPS shows as consistently 45/45. If launching through SKSE Its around 85/90. Not sure if this is just an issue of reporting. Both are very smooth.

    Have to say this game feels like a native title. At this resolution running so smoothly I am having a blast. Thanks to Ralf and the team for the hard work!


    Audio device handling is not 100% reliable ATM unfortunately. If it doesn’t work as intended, disable it in the config app and switch manually. I already have a better solution in mind, but currently other things are more important.

    The scanner issue is already fixed, the fix will be available with the next update.

    A higher resolution has indeed the same effect as using the internal upscaler, which is more or less a leftover from extended mode times that isn’t really required anymore.


    The thing with the controller is a big issue, I think. In the last version unplugging the controller and making sure the override was turned off before directvr scanning seemed to correct the issue with head tracking. Now I can do that, but it will override the controller to vorpx settings in the middle of gameplay and there is no workaround for me. Though I have to say through all the frustration, the learning makes the game that much more rewarding. And it does get better every time. Thanks Ralf!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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