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    I have been playing Skyrim VorpX again and still love it. Direct VR is pretty near to native oculus games in many ways. There is one thing I have noticed and want to throw it out there to see if I am the only one.
    In Skyrim with geometry 3D the vision gets cross eyed and blurry if you rotate/tilt your head to the side.
    Everything looks correct and proper as long as your head is parallel to the ground. And looking up/down is always fine. But any tilt (skewed left /right) and the eyes separate and get blurry/cross eyed. The more you tilt the worse it gets.
    Anyone else notice this or is it a bug with my particular setup??? I have all default values in terms of 3D separation, camera height, focal offset, image zoom ….


    Oh and to clarify by tilt I mean “Roll”


    That happens due to the way head roll is handled currently, which is comparable to how it works when you watch a 3D movie in a cinema. Will not happen anymore for 99% of games (G3D as well as Z3D) with the next vorpX version 17.3.0. No date yet, but won’t be long anymore.


    WOW it will be fixed for next Vorpx update….. That is actually exciting!


    I’ve noticed G3D does do some interesting things like you say, plus even though it does look superior I find it hard to get use to due what you are describing. This is one of the main reasons why I still prefer to use Z3D, besides for the performance gain.

    I’m definitely looking forward to Ralf’s new update. I’ve put over 150 hrs into Skyrim VR alone besides the 1000’s of hrs spent in 2D before VR. If it’s that much better I just may have to start a new run again…LOL!!! Can’t get enough of running around the forests and mountains…still finding things I haven’t seen before…even after all that.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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