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    At first, the head tracking was working well, however the gamepad mapping in vorpx was causing issues with the game’s native controller support. So, using the menu that is accessible by hitting the delete key, I turned of the internal control of gamepads. Now the head tracking will not work. No matter where I look, the game still looks straight ahead, but even if I turn the internal control back on, it will still not work now.

    Anybody that could explain this or tell me how to fix this?


    When I did that as well, I found that exiting out of Skyrim and going into the Vorpx control panel and enabling head tracking there, and then closed and restarted Vorpx, I had head tracking back, with full controller support that didn’t mess with Vorpx. Hope that helps you.


    I tried this, and no luck. It may be notable that the head roll tracking is still working, but just the movement in the X and Y directions are not.


    Sounds like you have a gamepad activated in Skyrim. Skyrim disables mouse input while a gamepad is active, which also disables vorpX’s head tracking.

    Please disable the gamepad in Skyrim’s option menu. You will still be able to play with a gamapad since vorpX has a fully configurable gamepad emulation built in.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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