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    @Ralph, pls can u advise how to get headtracking in Skyrim?
    (I searched the forum but no answer found.) I use xbox controller and mouse and keyboard .



    If you didn’t touch any of the gamepad settings in the vorpX ingame menu, Skyrim always has head tracking per default.

    Otherwise please make sure that the gamepad emulation is set to full override in vorpX or alternatievely disable the gamepad in the Skyrim options. One of these is necessary since Skyrim does nor allow mouse and gamepad to be used together. If you want to use the gamepad, currently that only works with the vorpX gamepad emulation.

    BTW: With the next vorpX version you will be able to use Skyrim’s native gamepad functionality and still have headtracking.


    @Ralph. Hiya, I have also been looking closely at the head tracking controls for Skyrim in VR.

    I’ll try to explain what I currently do to make the experience better for me and what would make that even better.

    Perhaps this is what you mentioned is to follow in the new version. I am not certain.

    With headset tracking on it obviously allows me to look around but I find that I still use the controller right stick (the standard skyrim look functionality) simultaneously to replicate the same actual head tracking movement direction on the gamepad. I manually keep the stick offset proportionate to my center view offset angle in the same direction, if that makes sense? This allows me to physically turn in the direction I am looking in a rate more or less proportionate to how far across I am looking

    It makes the experience far more natural flow in 1st and especially in 3rd person with far less motion discomfort.

    The ideal would be to physically “turn” the avatar in such a way using my head tracking only and not have to needlessly duplicate this range of motion with the stick. Perhaps only for left and right with a setting to dampen up and down.

    I am not sure how that would be made possible? As a VorpX feature or as a Skyrim mod? If it is not possible in VorpX settings this approach may be useful for someone look toward a Skyrim VR camera mod.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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