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    So ive got skyrim mostly working but the headtracking is a big issue. Back when I used the dk2 the headtracking worked perfectly but when I try looking around now it seems to have a delay on me actually moving my head. Another issue is when I turn off headtracking the screen view still somehow does like a turn away from the image. any ideas?


    In regards to the second issue of black boarder being visable as if turning away from the image; I’m also getting this issue except mine is happening when I have headtracking on. It does correct itself but it is very distracting to have black boarders appear as I turn my head around. I’ve tried recording it but failed miserably. Even if I could it wouldn’t look exactly the same unless viewing it through a headset. But while attempting to record I turned on the mirror window function and did notice a strange phenomenom when moving my headset about. I’ve taken screenshots of it as best I could, they are not 100% accurate as I had difficulty even taken screenshots of Vorpx but I managed to get images that reasonably represent what I’m trying to describe if not a little exaggerated.

    Vorpx Skyrim

    I’m pretty sure this wobble of the position of the views for each eye is causing the black border effect. I apologise if this is a simple issue I am new to using VorpX. But any help with it would be greatly appreciated.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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