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    Hi all. Im new to vr and new to vorpx but am very pc literate. I could use some help. Im tryin to load up Skyrim with vorp x. I have followed several guides and things still dont seem to work correctly. I feel like im missing a part of the setup process but I could be wrong.

    Heres my issues:

    Using the direct vr fails most of the time. How does this work, and what could I be doing wrong? I use the menu and click the button to calibrate/setup and most of the time it fails. No indication as to why. I am not moving the mouse.

    On the occasions that it does succeed it still does not work (what I believe) is correct in game.

    The game is in VR and looks good. Head tracking seems to be the issue. WHen the dirct vr scan succceeds the head tracking works partially. When I look around the entire screen moves(but only a few inches) I cannot look way to the side nor behind me (should I be able to?). The tracking also resets the second I move the controller and then the head tracking is all reversed. Up = down, left = rt and so on.

    THe videos Ive seen it appears that head tracking works correcty. Any Ideas?

    Thanks a bunch in advance.


    If you use any first person mods try running the scan in 3rd person. However I’m not aware of any first person mod that plays nicely with DirectVR at the moment.
    If you do not use any of them try disabling mods that might affect how the camera works or the player character itself.


    No mods being used. this s Vanilla Skyrim LE edition. I will try running it in 3rd person. Could be the issue. Also Could it be because its trying to run in dx10 and not dx9? If so how do run in dx9 instead of 10. I dont see any options for that. Thanks for the help btw!!!


    Hmmm, I had exactly the same issues because of a mod so it sounded familiar.

    Unfortunately I have only 3 suggestions to try and fix it and they are more or less general.

    1. Check that the Steam overlay is off.
    2. Exit all programs that are running – maybe some of them is interfering. Especially antivirus.
    3. Verify the integrity in the game via Steam and/or reinstall VorpX.

    If you have FO4 try to see if it will work with it.

    I’m not sure about the DivX problem. I would install DivX9 and see what happens.


    Hmmm Wish i knew what the issue was. I dont use steam, so no overlay. All programs have been shut down

    And its Direct x 9 not divx 9 (if that makes any difference)

    Gonna fool some more with it later after work. Thanks.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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