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    Ahhh iam so frustrated.

    I cant get vorpx to work.

    No matter what i do, i get 2 screens (1 per eye) when i start the game.
    Any clues? Ralph?



    Hy man,
    I struggled with Skyrim today aswell and figured it out. Btw it was the first “old good” game I managed to launch successfully. There are probably easier ways how to do it, but this worked for me so far.

    1.Launch Oculus driver and make sure that all the hardware is working, no special settings.

    2.Launch vorpX, choose only to display on DK2, and the rest like in the documentation, no other changes. Make sure that vorpX isnt bugged, for me its like half of the time the vorpX stays “frozen” – doesn’t react to clicking or changing anything, in that case just shut it down and launch again until it responds fine.

    3. Go to your monitor settings and make the Rift the default monitor.

    If you have done everything right, you should now see your desktop in the Rift. Now go to your Skyrim’s folder (in Rift already) and launch TESV and that should be it.

    Now the tricky little thing I couldnt get through a long time was that my view was zoomed too much and I couldn’t see the Skyrim menu at right corner. This can be fixed by just pressing the Middle Mouse Button ;)

    P.S. Maby I’m a pu**y but in the end when I finally made it work it gave me nausea so strong, that I had to quit in few SECONDS. I hope you have stronger stomach then I do ;] glhf


    So what can i say….i finaly did it!

    It was as simpel as it could be.

    On my pc i usualy play as normal user with entering admin pw to execute admin stuff. That was the problem. Even with executing eiter vorpx or skyrim as admin didnt do the trick.
    Then i completely logged off as normal user and logged in as admin and “tada”
    Now it works.

    For anyone eslse having problems with vorpx….. “log in as admin”

    Have fun…

    P.S. @ Ralph: u should also mention “that” u have to log in as admin in ur “how to vorpx” section :)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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