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    I know I know that so many people have asked this question before.
    But none of solutions on internet work for me. Changing 1stfov in skyrim.ini doesn’t help. I have tried some mod that use 3rd person arms instead of 1st person . That can solve huge hands but it feel really weird because most of the time you can’t see your weapon while you are swinging in combat.
    Again I’m not looking for a “perfect” solution. Just something that can make skyrim playable . Thanks.


    You can change the first person fov in the vorpx menu. Just pull back in your chair when resetting view and move forward again, so your arms don’t seem so long. Not a perfect solution by any means, and I would rather give immersive first person view another look personally, but it might work for you.


    To add details to Tiggerdyret’s reply, you can find the 1st Person FOV setting in the Direct VR settings page of the VorpX menu. A value of 30 was the best compromise for me. The hands are still too big but it’s playable.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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