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    Hi Ralf,

    I am experiencing head tracking judder in Skyrim (steam version) and I was wondering is there was anything I should look for. G3D is not playable so I use Z-Normal (for clarity of image) Here are my specs:

    AMD FX8310 3.4Ghz
    8GIG RAM
    GTX 970
    361 NVIDIA Drivers
    Windows 10
    DK2 Rift with SDK .8
    Vorpx 9

    Your product is awesome…thanks Ralf!



    Did you check the hints from the Performance Optimization Guide in the help? It lists basically all that can be done to enhance performance.

    In a nutshell: ideally both the Game FPS and the Direct Mode FPS should stay at 75 (DK2) at all times. If that is not possible, you should try to get the Game FPS to at least more than 40. vorpX uses asynchronous timewarp to create additional frames if you can’t reach 75, but you still need at least 40-50 game fps for a pleasent experience. The Direct Mode FPS absolutely have to be 75 for a judder free experience, no way around that.

    You can display both values when you press [ALT][F]. What can be done to enhance performance is listed in the guide mentioned above.


    Did you check in game resolution? I am noticing even though VorpX is set to run in 1920/1080 that sometimes the game resolution will be that of the desktop. Also you often can’t tell, as its being displayed on the Rift etc, but still in the background, your card is cranking out 1440P or whatever your desktop is.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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