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    Title. Going to try to play skyrim in VR again – what is better to use – Skyrim or Skyrim SE and why?

    Do mods play well with Vorpx Skyrim? Are there any mods to avoid / Must have mods?

    Does SKSE work with Vorpx Skyrim?

    How does the Skyrim VR release feel in comparison into vorpx? I have seen that it looks better in terms of scale. I really just want the ability to use my controllers as swords, etc. The UI in Skyrim VR is also magnitudes better.



    The orginal Skyrim will work better with Vorpx. SKSE works fine with it. I made a comparison of Skyrim VR and Skyrim Vorpx in another thread. There are no mods to avoid but camera mods might cause you frustration if you are not aware of what they are doing. I mentioned in another thread UI mods that I use. The UI in Skyrim VR is the same as in the original game. SkyUI for SKSE is far better.

    You can’t use your controllers as swords etc. Vorpx does not track controllers as weapons – if Vorpx could do that for every game the developer could retire to a solid gold house in the countryside. But this could be considered an advantage considering how poor sword combat feels in Skyrim VR. You can use/see them in options. Use playerfov setting to reduce hand/arm size.


    For now I would definitely recommend Vorpx and Skyrim (original). You can use SKSE and any mod you want.

    Unfortunately Skyrim VR has visual glitches (example objects/shadows pop in and out as you turn your head. Mountains morph shape as you turn your head, ect…)

    where Vorpx has no visual glitches at all.


    Most mod usually work with Skyrim and Vorpx, including those that require SKSE, there are some exceptions that may have conflict. Mostly related to changes in camera. ENB and preset graphics however, do not work for me, except some injector version + some memory fix.

    Personally, for Vorpx, I prefer to use the Skyrim Legendary Edition.

    Regarding the native VR version, I prefer one or the other, depending on my approach. If I’m going to use a magic-oriented class or arcs and crossbows, I personally prefer the native version and use the motion controllers and some tweaks.

    For melee-oriented class, I prefer Vorpx and Skyrim, and also if I’m going to play in the third person, I can benefit from Vorpx, which allows me to do it in several ways.

    both have advantages and disadvantages, the ones that bother me the most with the use of Vorpx, are the sizes of hands and arms, do not allow uncoupling head / neck, not being able to use preset ENB graphics that I might like, or the lack of movement for controllers .

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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