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    Hi all. Bought Vorpx yesterday after vireo wouldnt run skyrim at all and I can say that it worked right out of the gate. After messing with my IDP a little (I have glasses but everything was a blur with the glasses and lens B set, while lens A was sharper and setting IDP lower has it almost perfect now) I have the game running well.

    But its too big to fit on the Oculus screen. I know I can middle mouse click but then the screen sways oddly and has a black border, and I have the “less intrusive UI” mod and I can move stuff around, but for perspective sake, when I start the game, I can see the Imperial dragon logo but not the start menu. In game, pulling up the item menu leaves half of it hanging off the screen to the left. I can only just see my Health Bar at the bottom and can never see my compass at the top. Its like I am seeing the middle half of the screen.

    Anyone know of this issue and how to make skyrim actually fit on the oculus?


    You can scale the UI in Skyrim via vorpX (on the display page of the vorpX ingame menu or with ALT + mousewheel). Not sure whether that works with the UI mod you mention, but it definitely works with the the standard UI.


    I’ll give it a try but scaling the UI isnt really the problem. I am missing almost half the screen, including any text menus, chat options, even my weapons are cut off. Skyrim is trying to display for a screen twice the size of the oculus, despite the resolution being correct. Will alt+mousewheel scale the screen or just the UI?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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