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    TL;DR: Skyrim SE + VorpX + DirectVR = Gold Standard for VR wrappers

    First off let me say I bought VoprX a long time ago, so I’ve seen the progress, the hard work, and all the noise surrounding this product. I know it has been too complicated for some, and just plain doesn’t work for others, but that hasn’t been my experience. I’m also a huge Elder Scrolls fan since Daggerfall, and Skyrim has been one of the best gaming experience I have had even before VR came along. I have used VR wrappers with DK1, DK2, and CV1. I’ve used TriDef, Veirio Perception, and VorpX because let’s face it they all had their strengths and weaknesses when things were first being researched and experimented with. At the very end of 2016 Ralf released version 17.x of VorpX and once again changed the game for me. I thought I had a solid Skyrim profile dialed in previously, but Direct VR changed everything. So much so, that once I got Skyrim and Skyrim SE all dialed in again I started a new games all over from scratch. I can’t say enough about how great the experience is now. I can play longer without eye strain, the scale of everything is spot on, and warp/distortion (that was minimal already) is gone. The sense of presence and immersion went way up again. I find myself walking everywhere instead of running. I walk around just going WOW! I wanted to take a moment just to say that the $40 I spent on VorpX would have been worth it for Skyrim alone and I really appreciate all the hard work and effort Ralf has done to keep this software advancing and improving with every new release. Skyrim with VorpX is the experience I compare all other VorpX profiles to. Don’t get me wrong there are a lot of games that VorpX works great with and the new Direct VR has improved those as well. For me though, Skyrim SE is the gold standard, and to be honest I haven’t had time to try many of the other games yet because I’m completely lost in Skyrim all over again. Thank you Ralf and VorpX.


    What are you settings for SkyRim:SE? DirectVR head tracking is working great. But for some reason the game looks “blurry” and performance is pretty bad for me (outside)


    I’m slightly surprised to see you here, but welcome back nonetheless.

    In general I would recommend the original Skyrim. Unless you use many mods it probably runs better than the SE with vorpX. A 1070 should be enough for more or less consistent 45fps everywhere at 1600×1200 with the original Skyrim using the “high” settings preset.

    Be aware that on Vive vorpX always caps the framerate to half the refresh rate per default for the sake of a more consistent frame rate. Disable FluidSync in the menu if you don’t want that. I would recommend to leave it on though.

    If you don’t want to or can’t use the original Skyrim, try the “medium” graphics preset in the Special Edition, that’s more or less the same as “high” in the original Skyrim and should work OK almost everywhere with your GPU.

    If the image looks blurry in the SE, disable the temporal antialising filter (“TAA”) in the Skyrim SE launcher. While quite nice in principle, it blurs the image.


    Just to be clear I am running the GTX 1080 8GB ROG STRIX on a PC with 32GB of RAM using the Oculus Rift. I can still provide my setting if you want but the only things I changed form the VoprX SE default were that I took separation up to 110 and took brightness down to 60-65. I like my dungeons dark. :)

    Only running a few MODS on SE for now:
    Hide UI
    Unread Books Glow
    Realistic Lighting Overhaul
    Enhanced Blood Textures
    A Quality World Map

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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