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    Hi guys and girls.

    Iam pretty new here and to my dk2.

    I managed to get a few things working like elite and half life 2.

    Now i bought vorpx but cant get skyrim to work.

    I tried out a few things i found here but nothing seems to work like it should.
    When iam in game or at the menu i see the game for each eye.
    So like 2 displays…when i close one or the other eye i have a good few. Not to mention the head tracking…that wont work either.
    I was searching for a complete guide in the www but couldnt find any.
    I saw here or somewhere else a link to a guide but that doesnt exist anymore.

    So PLEASE….
    if someone has the time, put a complete “how to setup skyrim with vorpx guide” here. For me and everyone else.



    iam using win 8.1 btw :)


    Open the VorpX settings ingame (DEL) and adjust the IPD.
    I had to lower mine by about 5.0/6.0 roughly, but that’s dependant on the person.
    It’s generally lower in VorpX/Skyrim than in the Oculus settings.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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