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    @ralph i just wonder never got any game except skyrim having a sharp image when playing. Isit because of nvidas driver devolment to introduce more ways to tune the image. Skyrim is very limited when it comes to adjust screen effect like msaa, or what ever these fancy kind of screen tuning is named.
    GTA 5 is the worst of all anyways….. I really miss reshade that was the only way to get a decent image ……


    It’s not Skyrim vs. everything else, it’s older games vs. newer games. Skyrim SE for example also is blurrier than the original Skyrim at the same resolution. Most (almost all) newer games use shader based pseudo antialiasing instead of actual multisampling AA. All these pseudo-AA techniques blur the image, most of them quite heavily.

    The only thing you can do about that is disabling post process AA effects like FXAA, TAA, SMAA, MLAA etc. if possible. If you can afford it performance wise, then raise the resolution to get rid of ‘jaggies’. The 1680p quality preset in the vorpX menu usually looks fairly well without any AA. For GTA V that’s probably too much though even for a GTX1080Ti.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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