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    I know it isn’t out yet so any statements as to Vorpx support is speculation at this point, but is it safe to assume that because it’s the same engine that theres a good chance that current Vorpx profiles will be applicable to the enhanced edition for day1 support?

    And if not, is Skyrim enhanced edition a priority for getting decent Vorpx support despite basically being a 5 year old game that already has a version that is well supported?


    With some luck the Fallout 4 profile may give basic support, although that’s not very likely in this case. Even if it works to a degree: good profiles always require game specific work to deal with shadows, HUD and other shader fixes.

    So while you might be able to get it working to a degree, it would be a far cry from the current normal Skyrim profile.


    I vote for a top priority with this profile game,at the time of their arrival time of launch (October).
    Every day,count time remaining and I wonder if we will be able to make better use of hardware with the new version of Skyrim (remastered),with some improvements, including 64bit version.

    My main goal with Vorpx,fully well above any other existing games,are definitely Bethesda games (full vr and 3D geometry),with the help of some mods and tweaks. (Skyrim, Oblivion, Fallout 3 / NV / 4)

    I recently got a new GTX 1080. I still I have doubts whether this unit and return to jump or not,Titan x pascal and i7 6700k cpu …


    Here’s what you can expect when Lord Titan rules your PC ;)

    Titan Pascal Vs VorpX Skyrim

    You won’t regret it. however with one 1080 now, I’d first buy another and SLI them, then sell them and go TXP if you had any issues. Sky loves SLI so it’s likely you’d be fine. I’m currently saving for a second TXP for that reason. Once you see/play Sky with a Titan, the power corrupts you quickly ;)


    With a bit luck, the special edition might launch with native vr support.


    Honestly, I doubt that Skyrim remastered, comes with native support.
    This would see a big part of my dream come true, but do not think so at all for several reasons.

    * Only several days left for its release, if so, never commented anything.

    * ID software are not friends now with Oculus, Fallout 4 Native support is announced for 2017 with HTC Vive, probably work with Oculus Cv1 by SteamVr, but this insurance company that does not provide at all support Cv1 on their own or effort .
    I would put my hand in the fire for this belief.

    * Finally, Fallout 4 has only shown to date a demo system with teleport, I personally need another option extra of movement, in order to progress forward with joy,but pointed out,recharge and performing actions with touch or motion controls.

    However, I hope the gods listen to his words.

    If one day, we have games Bethesda, with native support, and motion controls, and choice available to walk forward, at the same time, then my dream into virtual reality, it will come true completely.


    I don’t see SkyVR happening either, though I wish it would. As for Fallout VR, I’ll buy to see how they did with native, it but if it’s teleport only, I’ll stick to VorpX/Original. Teleport in an open world game is sheer idiocy.


    hehe believe me,I understand your position on teleport in an open world…

    Still could to respect that teleport be an option available to those who need it, but the obligation to use however, would be very sad for me.
    I hope you will allow at least two different movement options to choose accordingly.

    Especially in my case, I think I’m lucky with immunity to nausea.


    I hope they do include it as an option for people that need it too, but if they only have teleport, I think it will hurt sales. Choice is good. I’m sickness immune also. Thank God and can run around anywhere with no bad effects. I consider myself very lucky to be able to handle skyrim in VR in the lower 30 FPS range with no problems at all.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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