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    Skyrim is pretty fantastic with VorpX in DK2. The bare functionality works great. I’m having a few issues with VorpX though.

    1. As soon as I disable the internal handling of the gamepad, all head tracking support breaks. It sort of spazzes to the left every now and again but otherwise doesn’t work.

    2. For some reason with gamepad support on, when I walk forward my character will start walking backwards or in other directions with no input. This is extremely frustrating.

    3. I also have flickering graphics, whether these are shadows or not I can’t be sure. Primarily seems to be in snowy areas. Looking at the mountains in the distance, flickering can be seen – this may not be a VorpX issue since I had the same with VireIO, but I don’t think I have the issue with the game on a 2D monitor.


    Iv been having the same issues as you when trying to get the gamepad to work properly. The way vorpx handles gamepad imputs doesnt alow for deep customization which is fine since there are programs like xpadder that fill that need. However the problem still persists because the internal gamepad seems to have inputs for buttons that simply cant be remapped and it seems to be causing problems with xpadder. When I start a game the gamepad works flawlessly but as soon as I hit the left thumbstick it brings up a weird vorpx menu with numbers that dont seem to serve any function and after I close that all my buttons are messed up. I cant run anymore, sheathing weapons makes me run forward indefinitely and the start and select buttons do other random things.

    As a side note, these issues seem to only affect skyrim and farcry 3 as apposed to bioshock infinite, borderlands 2 and COD MW3 which work flawlessly.


    When you disable the gamepad in Skyrim and disable the the internal gamepad handling in vorpX, you should be able to use an external gamepad tool without problems.

    The weird vorpx menu you mention is actually a pretty useful, but often overlooked feature called VR Hotkeys. When you press and hold [SHIFT]+[MIDDLE MOUSE BUTTON] or in your case the left thumbstick, you can simulate key presses by looking at one of the 16 pads and then releasing the button.

    This way you can execute keyboard shortcuts without having to look at the keyboard. For Skyrim a few useful shortcuts are preconfigured, but you can freely configure all 16 pads in the vorpX ingame menu to your liking.


    But why do we need the gamepad handling at all? Skyrim has native xinput support which means it works flawlessly with an Xbox 360 controller out of the box.

    I need to turn off the gamepad handling without the tracking on everything breaking which is what seems to happen at the moment.


    Skyrim and other Bethesda games disable the mouse when the ingame gamepad handling is active, which also disables vorpX’s head tracking.

    Hence the need for another solution if you want to play with a gamepad. This is the main reason why a gamepad emulation exists in vorpX in the first place.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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